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Natural Red Coral #15100054

Natural Red Coral #15100054
Natural Red Coral #15100054 Natural Red Coral #15100054 Natural Red Coral #15100054 Natural Red Coral #15100054 Natural Red Coral #15100054
Brand: Red Coral
Product Code: 15100054
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rs.7,833.00
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RSIN 15100054
Gem Type Natural Red Coral
Colour RED
Weight 1504  
Length 14.65 
Width 8.52 
Depth 6.54 
Transparency OPAQUE 
Treatment N/A
The gemstone described above has been carefully examined by at least two qualified REAL STONE LABORATORIES gemologists and the above mentioned information was complied for this E-report. The result describes the nature of the material at the time of identification.The testing techniques include 10 x magnifications and may also include the following lab tests: Refractive Index, Specific Gravity, Polarization or Dichroscope, U.V. Fluorescence, Spectral Analysis, Dark field magnifier, Electronic weight measurement and measurement by electronic Digital Caliper. This electronic certificate may be used only for identification and authentication of Real Stone gems. Reproduction or Marketing of this E-Report in any form is strictly forbidden.This online report expresses an opinion at the time of examination of the stone.This report represents only the best professional opinion of this company. Real Stone Laboratories is in no case responsible for differences which could occur by repeated expertise and /or use of other standards, norms, methods or criteria other than those chosen by R.S.Laboratories.THIS ELECTRONIC REPORT IS NOT A VALUATION OR APPRAISAL. THE CLIENT AGREES TO BE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE USE OF THIS E-REPORT FOR TRADING THE ITEM DESCRIBED HEREIN.
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