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Yellow Sapphire (Ceylon)


Pukhraj repersents the positive power of jupiter. Jupiter repersents divine guidence, power of speach, knowledge, good fate , fortune and education. In diseases, Pukhraj cures diarrhea, gastritis ulcer, jaundice, insomnia, heart troubles, impotency, arthritis, pain in knee joints, etc.
Chemilcal formula :- Aluminum Oxide (A2O3)
Moh's scale :- Hardness 9.0 
Luster :- Vitreous 
Spacific Gravity : - 3.95 to 4.03 
Refrective Index :- 1.76 to 1.78 
Color :- Light Yellow to Dark Yellow
Pukhraj should be worn in gold, on index finger of right hand on Thursday.


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